Para-Icehockey - What is that?


Para-Icehockey is hockey for disabled people.The sheet of ice, the protection gear and the most rules are the same, like in able bodied hockey. The biggest difference ist the movement. The player are sitting in sleds, which consist of a metal frame, a bucket on top of it and a blade holder with skates. To get speed, the players use two sticks, with picks at the end.  The periods in Para-Icehockey have 15 minutes instead of 20 minutes.


It is a sport for people with a disability of the lower body. But on the national level, it is also able to play the sport without a handicap.



The sled
The sled
The sticks
The sticks



This sport was developed in Sweden in the seventies and is part of the paralympic winter games since 1994. In Germany, the first team was established in 1996 in Hannover. Since the 2000-2001 season, we have a league system in Germany.


At the moment, the following teams are playing in the German league:

  • Weser Stars Bremen
  • Cardinals Dresden
  • Kamen Barbarians
  • Ice Lions Langenhagen
  • Wiehl Penguins
  • ECC Preussen Berlin